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As a professional Leeds commercial cleaning company with a personal approach, and providing a variety of industrial kitchen deep cleaning services.

Our highly trained & hand selected specialists have many years experience, & know  what’s required for commercial kitchen area hygiene & legal compliance.

If you want to book our hassle free kitchen deep cleaning solution, then all you have to do is to give us a ring & let us know how regularly you would need your kitchen space cleaned. We’ll send our professional cleaners to your premises & they’ll make certain that the kitchen is clean & fresh!

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services Cleaning To A High Standard

When you are running a busy industrial kitchen, one of the greatest challenges is keeping it clean & hygienic. Your customers don’t just value a hygienic kitchen, but the law requires it. Whether you run a little restaurant, residential home, big hotel or international fast food chain, all kitchen areas should follow food service & health guidelines.

Regular cleaning of your kitchen & your kitchen equipment is necessary to lower the threat of food contamination, extending the life of your equipment, making them more efficient an ensuring that your business stays operational & your kitchen is compliant with the relevant health & hygiene legislation.

Companies which are found to be running under the needed standards might go through a variety of sanctions. Such as improvement orders, fines, & legal action. In the most severe cases, orders stopping the operation of the business may be issued.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services Customised For Each Customer's Requirements

As professional Leeds commercial cleaning service providers our teams deliver a complete range of commercial kitchen cleaning services. We pride ourselves on working with and around our customers’ budget plans & providing a budget-friendly high quality industrial kitchen deep cleaning & industrial cleaning services customised to their requirements.

Varying from hotels, schools, colleges, universities to restaurants & fast food outlets we understand the need to achieve the highest standards.

Our fully trained & experienced kitchen cleaning specialists have years of experience, and understand the requirements to be met for commercial kitchen hygiene & legal compliance. Depending on if you are wanting a part or a complete kitchen clean as a one off or on a more regular basis and prior to or after Environmental Office Visits, fire or flood damage, we are able to help.

A hygienic kitchen is a safe & efficient kitchen.

chef in kitchen after been cleaned

Our team provides an extensive kitchen deep clean to all available & less exposed locations within your industrial kitchen area. Our kitchen deep cleaning service ensures that your company adheres to legislation & helps in reducing the threat of fire. We are able to work outside of working hours to ensure that we do not disturb your own working schedule & your company never has any down time.

All our cleaners are trained in safe systems of work, and follow a carefully customized ‘site survey action strategy’ on every project. Full & competent risk & COSHH assessments are performed as standard. With our kitchen cleaning services organised around the hours that fit your business, & our tested record of high standard professional kitchen deep cleans, we make every effort to be your very first choice for industrial kitchen deep cleans.

The stubborn layers of carbon deposits & oily areas will be eliminated from even the most hard-to-reach locations of the kitchen. Our technicians that we send will make sure that the kitchen fittings, walls, floors, lighting fixtures, & kitchen equipment are thoroughly cleaned. This will not only enhance the workplace but it will likewise considerably increase the functional life of the equipment.

So whatever your industrial kitchen cleaning requirements are, we have the service, expertise and teams to make sure the work is undertaken quickly, effectively & with the minimum disruption to your kitchen area.

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